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April 3rd, 2016


The Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA), founded in June 2010 by the resettled Bhutanese in America, is pleasure to announce to hold its 6th National Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 8th to 10th July, 2016. To spearhead and accomplish the task of holding this convention, the OBCA has formed the 6th National Convention Organizing Committee at the organizational level headed by its Secretary, Mr. Padam Bharati as Chief Coordinator, Treasurer, Mr. Aita Rai and Board of Director, Mr. Jiden Rai as Coordinator. Similarly, a Host State Program Organizing Committee has formed with appointing 15 member’s volunteers, led by Mr. Khem Rizal, Chairman of Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati (BCC), Mr. BB Poudyel and Mr. Indra Tamang as Internal Management Coordinator, Mr. Abi Adhikari as Internal Affair, Mr. Pushpa Siwa as Press & Publicity Coordinator, Mr. Khada Gautam and Mr. Naresh Gautam as Sound Management Coordinator. The National Convention Organizing Committee and the Host State Program Organizing Committee will jointly reach out to the community organizations and members through various means and media with its program detail and invitation for the convention as early as possible. In the meantime, the OBCA, which is going to nominate its State & City Representatives through this convention and presenting BCC Annual Function.

This Convention also commemorating successful resettlement of Bhutanese refugees with their success stories, comprehensive panel discussion of social issues growing across the cities and states in the Bhutanese resettled in America. In addition, fascinating multicultural shows, social & literary events will be featuring in the convention in collaboration with Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati and Bhutanese Artist in America. The OBCA and Host State program organizing committee urges everyone in the Bhutanese community to provide with your innovative ideas and valuable suggestions on how we can conclude this convention with a note of success.

Thank you.

Mr. DB Rai                                                                                               Mr. Khem Rizal

Chairman / OBCA                                                                                     Chairman / BCC

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